Offer a seamless & intuitive onboarding experience to your customers

Optimize your customer’s credit journey through a user-friendly chatbot allowing you to increase your customer conversion rate with Algoan Chatbot

Easily onboard your customers

  • Digitize your customer onboarding process by using Algoan’s Chatbot – a custom-made conversational chatbot
  • Easily collect your customers' consent to share their bank transactions data
  • Forget about forms and use our conversational chatbot that enhances the conversion rate and makes sure your clients remain engaged
  • Leverage Algoan Chatbot’s credit journey that combines Open banking data aggregation, KYC (Know Your Customer) and electronic signatures technological bricks to ensure a slick experience, with no interruption

Algoan Chatbot simulates a human conversation

The Chatbot is very similar to a natural human conversation which reassures your customers and allows you to be more didactic when it comes to explaining various things, such as how someone’s data will be used.

Algoan Chatbot can easily be configured to handle specific situations that you encounter in your business, and increases your cross selling opportunities. For instance, it allows you to better explain and offer insurance packages in the context of loan applications.
And the cherry on the cake, you won't need to involve your IT teams! Just plug and play our API!

Significantly enhance your conversion rate

Algoan Chatbot allows you to enhance your conversion rate thanks to its modern and easy-to-use UI. Compared to a traditional form, Algoan Chatbot gets you up to +60% conversion rate.
Algoan Chatbot gives even better results on mobile as it is difficult to fill in forms on a small, vertical screen.

Easy to integrate, Simple to use

Algoan Chatbot can be natively integrated on any website or mobile application within a few lines of code thanks to our well documented API.

Are you ready to build the best Open banking credit experience with Algoan today?

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