Leverage the fastest way to get up and running with Algoan Credit Decisioning solutions

Algoan Connect is the easiest and fastest way to incorporate the Open banking aggregation process in any customer journey in order to be able to leverage Algoan’s Credit Decisioning solutions.

Algoan Connect adapts to any customer journey

Algoan Connect is a button that triggers a series of steps in order to:

Collect the end user’s consent
to share banking information
Retrieve banking transaction history
& other important information
Format the retrieved raw data
& send it to Algoan Credit Decisioning Platform

Algoan Connect comes with many benefits

In addition to peace of mind that comes from letting Algoan handle the heavy lifting of the aggregation process (a prerequisite for leveraging Algoan Credit Decisioning solutions) for you, Algoan Connect comes with many other benefits such as:

  • The customer doesn’t have to worry about the hosting and the maintenance of the aggregation process as Algoan Connect is hosted on Algoan platform
  • Acceleration of the required time to implement Algoan Credit Decisioning solutions
  • Avoid wasting time and resources with in-house aggregation developments that are difficult to maintain

Easy to integrate, Simple to use

Algoan Connect can be easily integrated on any customer journey with just a few lines of code thanks to our well documented APIs. It is also easy to use.

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