Get all your business data at your fingertips

Get all the important information you need to make your decisions in a matter of seconds, all in one single interface

Customizable & easy to use

Algoan Dashboard is customizable and adapts to your business. You can choose to display the information that makes the most sense to you.

Comprehensive information
in a single view

Get an instantaneous and comprehensive view of your clients’ financial situation all in a single interface, by displaying relevant information such as:

  • The residual income
  • The number and total amounts of recent credit line drawdowns
  • Indicators about the overdrafts
  • ...And many other key metrics

Save time & increase

Algoan Dashboard gets you all the information you need in your daily business in a matter of seconds instead of what usually takes hours and days. Thanks to the Dashboard, you can save time and increase your analysts/operators’ productivity.

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