Get a better credit risk assessment

Algoan Score goes beyond traditional scoring methods and adds new sources of data so you can make better lending decisions

Best-in-class credit scoring

Our proprietary algorithms give you an enhanced credit worthiness assessment of your applicants and provide you with best-in-class credit scoring with a GINI of up to 80%.

Instantaneous credit scoring

You don’t need hours and days to assess your applicants’ situation. Algoan scoring is instantaneous. You get the score as soon as the applicant connects his/her bank accounts.

Increase acceptance
while decreasing the risk

Grow your customer base by accepting more loan requests with confidence as Algoan Score combines transactional data and machine learning technology to help you lower your risk.

Challenge the status quo

Current credit scoring is mainly based on socio-demographic data and declarative financial information, thereby excluding millions of people from access to credit. Algoan Score leverages recent financial data and behaviors, which lenders to make more informed decisions.

Fraud prevention

Algoan Score is based on data directly retrieved from the applicant’s bank. This data cannot be altered or modified, which eliminates the risk of fraud based on document falsification (bank statements, payslips, identity documents, and other documents) and guarantees data integrity.

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