This past year has been incredible at Algoan, from launching new products to signing major customers in France and across Europe. 🚀
We can’t wait for 2023!

A new version of our Credit Score has been released!

Credit Score v2.1 is an upgrade of Credit Score v2.0. Features derived from the observation of overdraft usage have been enhanced allowing this new version of the score to better manage constrained accounts (accounts that don’t offer an overdraft – It’s the case of many neobanks).

Believe us, it’s almost magic ✨
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We have also landed in the UK! 🇬🇧

Already adopted by leading French BNPL players, our Payment Scoring API product is available in the United Kingdom.

This product is highly relevant to BNPL players that must prepare themselves for the expected regulatory changes scheduled for 2023 to better manage their cost of risk and assess consumers affordability and creditworthiness.

Visit and try our Credit Decisioning products:

🔮 Credit Insights:
In addition to categorised data, Credit Insights provides actionable insights on top of which lenders can build their own applications and forecasting/predictive models.

💳 Payment Score:
A behavioural score that analyses 3 months of the consumer’s transactional data (Open Banking data) and returns a simple score (ranging from 1 to 10) that helps automate BNPL origination decisions.


Did you miss the launch of our self-service console?

Since 2018, our mission is to make access to credit fairer and more responsible.
In 2022, we worked to launch a self-service console that enables customers to test and use our credit and payment scoring solutions by API for their immediate and autonomous use.
Businesses can use Algoan’s solutions globally. The integration can be done once, and Algoan handles the heavy lifting in order to make all products relevant for local markets.

New Open Banking aggregators are now supported!

This year, we worked hard to improve our Connect product and our API Open banking coverage.
Connect is a tool to easily fetch your end customer’s Open Banking Data with a few lines of code and in 2022, we added 3 new aggregators to those already supported: Bridge, Linxo Connect and Tink.
Our team also released a fantastic feature on our API! Now, our customers can save time by using the aggregator’s native format directly in our API without having to convert it to Algoan’s format. This feature supports Powens, Linxo Connect and Tink formats.

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