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Better scoring & better UX

Credit application processing is all about collecting relevant customer information to make adequate proposals and take appropriate credit decision. An effective digital lending platform therefore requires providing performing scores and efficient application processes, with these two objectives feeding into each other. The better the creditworthiness can be determined, the more easily streamlining the application process is. The quicker and less hassle a process is, the more appealing it is to creditworthy customers.

Algoan decision engine (ADEN)

For a better credit risk assessment

Credit scoring is generally based on passed financial information, thereby strongly disadvantaging unstable profiles.

We believe looking into actual financial behavior, typically reflected in bank account information (open banking data), makes much more sense, especially for young individuals!

Our scoring models based on open banking data are extremely predictive (obtaining Gini above 72%) thanks to a combination of the data we used and best-in-class machine learning technology.

Algoan chatbot for streamlined & fully digital processes

Subscribing a contract by filling in a very long form is all but natural. It’s just a relic of old administrative processes which everyone hates.

On the opposite, conversating and dialoging is written in our DNA! Our UX consists of a fully customizable chatbot.

Furthermore, our UX fully leverage open banking data, enabling more precise and thereby resulting in a more personalised experience for the customer.

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