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Client Onboarding


The best client onboarding

We have put a great deal of UX and UI research to build the best onboarding solution, with the best conversion rate.
Our custom-made conversational chatbot will allow your credit applicants to smoothly apply at any time of the day, wherever they are.
Our credit journey combines Bank Reader and KYC technological bricks to ensure a slick path, with no interruption.
> 5'

to go through the full journey

> 90%

of customer satisfaction


completion rate vs a regular form


ADEN Connect

Decision Making Engine


A powerful decision engine...

ADEN Connect is a decision-making tool based on open banking data that will give you a thorough and instant view of your applicants’/ clients’ situation on 3 levels:
ADEN Budget

Financial situation

ADEN Bureau

Credit & Payment history

ADEN Score

Risk & Scoring Profile

...for quick and complete credit decisions.


ADEN Report

Decision making Analysis


A complete actionable digest

ADEN Report is a customisable dashboard that will give you an instant and 360° view of your applicants’/ clients’ financial situation.
Can be used all along the credit life cycle from underwriting to replanning negotiations to early payoff etc.
Will save your credit analysts a great load of time: 1 single dashboard for all your credit decisions.

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