Smooth Open Banking onboarding

We help BNPL players onboard their consumers in the context of Open Banking with Algoan Connect, a widget that can be integrated into any customer journey. Connect handles the Open Banking aggregation, instantly retrieving and aggregating the consumer’s bank transaction history in a way that’s simple and easy to use.

Financial insights

Assessing a customer’s affordability in the context of Buy Now Pay Later is not easy in countries with no (or very few) credit bureaus.
Thanks to Open Banking and Algoan’s solutions, you can now instantly assess your customer’s affordability through our lending decision APIs. The process of decision making is then automated, which helps you better manage default risk.

Key Benefits

  • Smooth customer journey

    Integrate Open Banking credit decisioning in your existing customer journey easily. Our onboarding solutions are customizable!

  • Real time data

    No more outdated information. We allow BNPL players to instantly access payment capacity and make sure consumers can afford to repay the instalments.

  • Be sure to get paid

    Better risk management decisions will enable you to reduce your risk while keeping the same acceptance rate.

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