Onboard your applicants in a breeze

No more tedious forms or lost applications. Onboard your applicants in a couple of minutes with a 100% digital customer journey, from anywhere and at any time!

Financial insights

Basing credit decisions on socio-demographic data is very limited and often inaccurate.

Now, it’s possible to instantly assess your applicants’ affordability through our best-in-class open banking lending decision tool APIs and visualize your data in a single dashboard for empowered lending decisions.

Whether that be consumer lending, mortgage, or a lease, we have the right solution for you.

Key Benefits

  • Boost your reach

    Better risk management decisions which will enable you to accept up to 40% more applicants while maintaining your risk at the same level. Conversely, reduce your risk while keeping the same acceptance rate.

  • Improve your “time to yes”

    Provide your risk teams and customers a fully digitized customer experience.

    Get back to your applicants in a matter of minutes, not days!

  • Eliminate fraud

    Since the data is directly retrieved from the bank account, there is no room for fraud or document falsification. The data is reliable, and the assessment is based on the borrower’s real financial situation.

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