Onboard your customers with ease

Onboarding a customer in the context of debt consolidation can be a tedious process especially, due in part to all the documents and the data needed to analyse the customer’s financial situation.
Thanks to Algoan’s onboarding solutions, it’s possible to onboard customers in a few minutes. Our customer journeys incorporate Open Banking data aggregation, KYC and electronic signature technologies to ensure a streamlined debt collection experience.

Financial insights

Basing your debt consolidation decisions on financial information provided by the customer through bank statements, payslips, etc. is a time-consuming process that opens the door to fraud and document falsification.

You can now easily retrieve your customers’ financial data directly from its source (the bank) thanks to Open Banking and Algoan’s solutions. Instantly assess the customer’s affordability and visualize the data that matters in our Dashboard for easier and better decision making.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced customer experience

    Provide a seamless customer experience while reducing the need to collect various information through outdated forms.

  • Data automation

    Instead of wasting time browsing for valuable information in various documents, use our solutions to automate this process and automatically retrieve valuable insights.

  • Instant affordability

    With Algoan’s solution, you can instantaneously get a full picture of the customer’s financial situation and assess its affordability.

Empowered by our debt
consolidation solutions

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