Thanks to the power of Open Banking data, it is now possible to measure the credit risk of French households more accurately and prevent over-indebtedness.

With that mission in mind, we publish the Algoan Index, an analysis of the financial health of French borrowers based on advanced credit risk indicators.

Algoan Index addresses three themes using calculations from various indices:

  • Progress of the adoption of open banking within the context of credit applications (i.e., the proportion of individuals ready to share their financial information when applying for credit),
  • Evaluating the solvency of credit applicants from their Algoan Score rating.
  • Evaluating the solvency of credit applicants using various, relevant financial metrics; cashflow, income, financial management (use of overdraft) and the existence (or not) of the financial crisis (foreclosure, cheques bouncing etc.)

Download the Algoan Index (french version only)