The European Directive PSD2 has paved the way for great innovation in the banking sector and especially in the lending industry.

Open Banking Credit Decisioning is one of the most innovative application which brings cutting-edge benefits both for lending institutions and end-consumers in terms of risk management, optimisation of processes, smoother customer experience with a practically instant “time to yes”.

Open Banking Credit Decisioning has been in the French landscape since 2018 and 2021 should definitely be the year of acceleration for Lenders!

A great deal of change management and client education is however still needed to overturn the market.

We have conducted a thorough qualitative and quantitative survey in order to understand how end-consumers perceive Open Banking Credit Decisioning and interviewed industry experts in the field.

The objective of this study is to give you insights on:

  • The readiness of end-consumers to accept Open Banking Credit Decisioning and to which extent?
  • Do’s and Don’ts to implement in order to accelerate this transformation among end-consumers?
  • How to keep a step ahead in the field as a Lender?

Download our white paper (french version only)