Time to yes VS Time to no : the match! How to find the right balance?

Once the domain of traditional banking institutions, deferred and split payments are currently experiencing a real boom with the rise of e-commerce and the arrival of new players specialising in split payments, notably Alma and Pledge in France. However, as with consumer credit, these easy payments can quickly become risky and repayments difficult to manage. In the Time-to-yes race, lenders need to understand how to measure risk. While it is crucial that the process is smooth, secure and fast, it also needs to be risk-free. For e-commerce, Open Banking is the watchdog that enables a balance to be found between the interests of both consumers and merchants” says François Gutierrez, Chief Revenue Officer at Algoan.

For the last three years, Algoan has been promoting a more inclusive access to credit, fairer and with better risk management.

In order to highlight the huge opportunity that BNPL presents for e-commerce and to measure the importance of the right benefits balance between both consumers and merchants, we’re proud of our new study focusing on how to secure the BNPL stickiness!

In partnership with Younited and Sia Partners.


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