For an efficient and fair credit decision

A team united around a common goal: to make the granting of credit simpler and more inclusive for consumers, and faster and safer for lenders.

The Algoan team

Our history

In 2018, Michaël, ex-Director of R&D at Dassault Systèmes, and Paul, ex-Director of Structured Finances at Fitch Ratings, joined forces to found Algoan, a fintech pioneering credit decisioning based on Open Banking data.

Convinced that there is an alternative to traditional credit granting, based on sometimes unfair and inefficient socio-demographic criteria and long, complicated processes, the co-founders see the potential of Open Banking data to enable automatic, much more efficient credit decisioning.

Thanks to their complementary skills, they have formed a multi-disciplinary team to create cutting-edge algorithms that are revolutionizing credit decisioning.

Today, Algoan products are used by some of France's biggest banks and are deployed in several European countries.

Our vision

By allowing banking data to be shared freely, Open Banking gives consumers back the power over their finances.

Real-time management of accounts, savings and investments, access to new, more personalized services, protection against overindebtedness... Open Banking enables everyone to make informed decisions about their money.

At Algoan, we want to use this tremendous lever for innovation to support the major banking players towards a more virtuous and inclusive form of finance, at the service of individuals and their projects.

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Our expertise


Lead Backend Developer


Data Analyst

Michaël Diguet
Michaël Diguet

Co-founder & CEO

Youness Bounif
Youness Bounif

Chief Product Officer


Back-End Developer


Product Manager


Frontend Developer


Head of Data Science


Fullstack Engineer

Creation of Algoan
Account analysis

Our recommendations

Bruno Salmon

Independent Board MemberEx. Global Head of BNP Paribas Personal Finance

Marc Gaudart

Independent Board MemberEx. Senior VP Analytics & Risk Modelling at Experian

Ludovic Denis

Seventure Board member
Founder & Ex. CEO of Monext
Ex. Senior EMEA Sales Executive at Experian

Matthieu Flichy

Cerberus Board Member
Head of Investment & Corporate Development at MyMoneyBank

Our partners

Want to join the adventure?

Contact us, there are always new opportunities at Algoan!

Our values

🤝 Client-centricity 

Understanding our customers' needs and being proactive are our driving forces in establishing a relationship of trust and providing quality support for their projects.

🧪 Innovation

Our corporate culture encourages innovation and experimentation, because we are convinced that these are the keys to guaranteeing the excellence of our solutions.

🌐 Diversity

Our diverse team of talents allows us to benefit from a wide range of experiences and perspectives. Today, we are proud to count more than 10 different nationalities among our teams!

👁 Transparency

We sincerely believe that transparency in strategy and decision-making processes fosters trust between teams and enables every employee to give their best.

Our commitments

Our commitment to the environment

Algoan encourages soft mobility among its employees, enabling them to purchase bicycles according to their needs thanks to a partnership with BeeToGreen.

Our commitment to well-being in the workplace

Every year, Algoan takes part in the "Choose my company" ranking, which assesses employee satisfaction. This approach enables us to ensure the team's well-being, and to consider levers for improvement to ensure that Algoan remains a great place to work.

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