A dashboard to simplify your decisions

View your customers' creditworthiness analyses in a single interface, designed to streamline your decision-making processes.

Access a 360° view of your customers' financial situation through a single datavisualization tool.

Easily consult the key elements of a credit application, such as :

  • A list of bank accounts held by the applicant and their balances
  • Categorized monthly income and expenses, the "reste à vivre
  • The number of remaining loans and the amount and date of each withdrawal
  • Risk indicators: overdraft charges, intervention fees, bank overdrafts, etc.

Dashboard keeps your teams focused on their core business.

A customized interface

Dashboard adapts to your needs. You can select different widgets to display in your interface, depending on the information you need to process a request. The result is a tool that contains only the essentials.

A tool for all teams

Set your employees' rights and organize the management of credit applications in just a few clicks, to facilitate cooperation between your teams.

Simplified decision-making

Dashboard facilitates the management of credit applications by centralizing all analyzed information. On average, reduce decision-making time by 50%.

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Does the Dashboard include the Credit Score product?

Yes, Credit Score is one of the widgets you can activate to suit your needs.

Can I customize my Dashboard?

Yes, you can enable/disable predefined widgets to suit your needs. However, you cannot customize widget content.

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