A behavioral score of unparalleled precision

Assess the credit risk of your loan applicants using a highly predictive model.

Credit Score is a numerical indicator based on a detailed statistical analysis of a credit applicant's past and present financial situation.

It provides a precise indication of default risk over a 12-month period. The score is based on three main pillars: standard of living, financial evolution and budget management.

By using our credit score, you can efficiently evaluate loan applications, accept customers who have traditionally been underserved, and keep your risk under control.

Instant response

Assessing creditworthiness using Open Banking data and our cutting-edge algorithms enables automatic decision-making and an immediate response to credit applications.

Maximized acceptance rate

Credit Score allows you to evaluate an applicant's financial behavior, independently of socio-demographic criteria that sometimes unfairly exclude. Accept traditionally underserved applicants.

Controlled risk

Credit Score shows market-leading levels of performance in detecting risky profiles.

Greater profitability

Our model provides an optimal balance between growing your customer portfolio and managing your risk.

Acceptance rate
Credit risk
GINI coefficient
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How do I get my API key?

The API key is available in our console. Select the project of your choice and click on API Credentials. Here you'll find the client_secret and client_id for your API calls.

How many tests can I perform?

Our free plan allows 100 API calls/month. Once your product is in production, we can increase the monthly call quota according to your needs.

How quickly is an account analysis available?

Analysis time depends on the number of accounts and transactions. In the vast majority of cases, our analyses are ready in a matter of seconds.

A project? A question? 

Would you like to change the way you make credit decisions? Let's talk!

A project? A question? 

Would you like to change the way you make credit decisions? Let's talk!