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Open Banking provides an exhaustive analysis of a borrower's financial behavior, for a more effective credit decision.

What is Open Banking ?

Open Banking refers to the authorized and secure sharing of banking data to benefit from a range of financial services, such as instant budget management, customized financing offers and payment in instalments without the risk of over-indebtedness.

This data sharing remains confidential and is governed by the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

The data shared is the first and last name of the account holder, the IBAN, the list of accounts, their respective balances and banking transactions over the last few months. This data sharing is read-only access. No operations can be carried out on the customer's accounts.

Open Banking and credit

With Open Banking, customers can easily and rapidly apply for a credit with a smoother, quicker application process and fewer supporting documents to provide. They can also access personalized offers and receive an instant response.

For the lender, it means being able to assess credit risk on the basis of reliable, up-to-date data that reflects the customer's budgeting behavior. By doing away with the often unfair socio-demographic criteria, lenders can now grant credit to people who would normally not be served, but whose financial profile is eligible.

Open Banking simplifies access to credit in a fairer, more responsible way.

Algoan and Open Banking

Algoan retrieves the financial data of its partners' customers to determine their financial profile based on their banking transactions.

The customer authorizes his bank to share banking information via the interface proposed by Algoan.

Algoan carries out a detailed analysis of the customer's income and expenses, as well as the evolution of his balance, to determine whether his financial situation allows him to take on the credit requested without putting him in difficulty.

This decision is made instantly, in a matter of seconds, which means the customer receives an immediate response to their request!

How do I connect my accounts with Algoan? 

Thanks to a simple, intuitive interface, sharing bank account information is quick, easy and perfectly secure.

Our banking data sharing interface integrates seamlessly into any customer journey, and can be easily customized with the partner's logo and colors.

Algoan is registered with theACPR (Banque de France)

as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP).

Registration no. 17728

This registration enables our customers to have a single partner for the entire credit decision chain, and the end-user of our services to benefit from an optimal level of security in terms of personal data management.

Algoan's commitment to data security & confidentiality

Encrypted data

End-to-end data encryption, in transit and at rest, using SSL encryption and an AES-256 private key.


Information not transmitted or sold to any third party.


Compliance with European regulations (PSD2, Payment Services Directive, and RGPD).

ISO/IEC 27001 standard

Algoan is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, guaranteeing an effective and robust information security management system.

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