Unleashing the power of open banking data

We help you build the best open banking credit experience for your clients.

I’m going to help you with your loan requestCould you connect your bank accounts please ?CONNECT MY ACCOUNTSCONNECT MY ACCOUNTSHi ! Welcome to Bank 🤗Hi ! Welcome to Bank 🤗Powered by Algoan🎊 Congratulations 🎊Your loan request is accepted !!! The money will be transfered in a few days 🙌

We help lenders build the future of lending by unleashing the power of open banking data

By setting an industry standard in the open banking onboarding

We offer the slickest client onboarding.

And with our unique credit scoring model

that gives us an edge in the understanding of credit users.

Whether you are a lender,
a marketplace, a personal finance manager, a retailer…

We are here to help you better understand your prospects’ and clients’ creditworthiness and detect market opportunities.

Who is building the future of lending with us

We are present in France, Spain and Belgium.

Partners of our success

Why work with us?

GDPR and PSD2 compliance are at the core of what we do.
Our infrastructure benefits from the high level of security of Google Cloud.
Plug & Play API Technology
No interference with your infrastructure and no need for extra developments.
We combine expertise from the scoring and credit industry with the agility of a start-up.
We are not afraid to challenge the status-quo.
We strive to provide the best onboarding and credit decision journey both for lenders and their clients.
We firmly believe that the best product or service must be delivered in the best way to clients.

Are you ready to build the best open banking credit experience with Algoan today?

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