Digital lending
as a service

Assisting lenders in their transition
to the Open Banking World

I’m going to help you with your loan requestCould you connect your bank accounts please ?CONNECT MY ACCOUNTSCONNECT MY ACCOUNTSHi ! Welcome to Bank 🤗Hi ! Welcome to Bank 🤗Powered by Algoan🎊 Congratulations 🎊Your loan request is accepted !!! The money will be transfered in a few days 🙌

Lenders need to meet new customers expectations

we provide the technology to make it happen!

Leverage open banking data to take better credit decisions

Our open banking-based scoring models are extremely predictive thanks to the combination of best-in-class machine learning technology and open banking data. Such data enables a far greater understanding of the level of risk of each customer.

Automation for a drastic reduction of processing costs

We offer lending processes that are fully automated and tailored to the customer needs, leveraging on open banking data collected from the users. No more paper-based and manual processing that make credit application expensive and slow, generating errors and delays.

Customer-centric digitally-led customer journey

We offer a fully customizable chatbot to guarantee the smoothest and most transparent user experience possible. Leveraging open banking data furthermore enables lending decisions to be more precise, resulting in a more personalised experience for the customer.

Previously unserviceable markets opened-up!

Millennials (who will form 75% of all workers by 2025…) want great user experiences – simple, fast and fully-digital. They want fair and transparent credit decisions. And they obviously need risk assessment procedures which are adapted to their specific situation. Our solutions are made for them!

Ready for use lending technology

Legacy lenders technology is just not well suited for the Open Banking World. We provide a modern SaaS lending system, which can be easily customizable (credit assessment rules, customer journey, etc.), thereby allowing operating like an agile tech company rather than like a bank.

Actions speak
louder than words

Security at the core
of our activity

Confidentiality (the way data is stored), security, fiability…

We always ensure legal and regulatory compliance, computational performance and implementational best practices.

Our infrastructure and processes are GDPR ready. Algoan has designed its infrastructure for security, confidentiality, compliance and fiability. We always ensure legal and regulatory compliance, computational performance and implementational best practices.
Our infrastructure benefits from the high level of security of Google Cloud. They are certified for many rigorous compliances like PCI-DSS and SOC 1/2/3. In 2017, Algoan was accepted into the Google Cloud Startup Program. Since then, Google provides closer assistance and guidance to Algoan.

They trust us

& use our solutions

partners of our success