• 1

    Extracts the best analysis with a focus on credit categorization vs. a classical budget categorization.

  • 2

    A month-by-month view of the applicant’s financial management.

  • 3

    Enriched with meaningful insights for enhanced lending decisions.

Easily retrieve
transactional data

Lenders can instantly retrieve categorized Open Banking data that is easy to understand and ready to use.

In addition to categorized data, Credit Insights provides actionable insights on top of which lenders can build their own applications and forecasting/predictive models.


Some examples of data you can retrieve through Algoan Credit Insights:

  • A list of monthly amounts of detected incomes and expenses, as well as their categories (rent, loan, wage, allowance, etc.)
  • The residual income
  • The debt-to-income ratio
  • The presence of fund seizures directly on bank accounts
  • The presence of wage advances, with their total amount
  • The number and the total amount of payment incidents, such as debit rejections
  • The number and the total amount of recent credit line drawdowns
  • Indicators about overdrafts, such as the maximum overdraft

Key benefits

  • Lending categorization specialty

    No more imprecise and generic categorization tool, we know the credit specificities.

  • Cross-border

    Bank transaction data in all forms and languages is no secret to our categorisation and enrichment tools.

  • 360° view

    Retrieves a dynamic and overall view of borrower’s financial situation for better lending decisions.

  • Seamless integration

    Integrate our Algoan Credit Insights API with just a few lines of code thanks to our well-documented API.

Think global,
act local!

Algoan Credit Insights models have been developed to analyze all national, international transaction data : France, Spain, UK, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Belgium etc. you name it!

Credit Insights

  • 90

    classes (including 35 dedicated to credit analysis)

  • 300ms

    Time needed to analyze the data

  • 40%

    more accuracy in detecting over-indebted profiles

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