"Showcase", the self-service platform for testing Algoan solutions in seconds

"Showcase", the self-service platform for testing Algoan solutions in seconds

Discover "Showcase", our new open-access platform (no need to create an account) to discover and test our credit decisioning solutions based on Open Banking.

Showcase lets you visualize a credit affordability and creditworthiness analysis carried out in real time, and discover the information returned by Algoan's APIs in a single interface.

How does it work?

An invitation link gives you access to the platform, and more specifically to Transaction Data, our bank account aggregation product specifically designed for credit use cases.

You can securely connect your own bank accounts or use test accounts offered by Algoan Bank.

 💡 If you connect your own accounts, your personal data will not be stored. Your data will not be shared with any third parties and it will be immediately deleted at the end of the demo.

Showcase provides an overview of an instant financial analysis of one or more bank accounts.

Why try Showcase?

Once the accounts have been aggregated, Showcase provides access to a visualization of the solvency analysis through a discovery of our credit decisioning products:

The list of transactions analyzed, the main categories used to classify these transactions, and a selection of credit risk evaluation indicators.

Our highly discriminatory behavioral credit score and its explicability indicators, tailor-made for consumer loans use cases.

A credit risk score specifically designed for BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later).

Our visualization tool for credit underwriters that structures our API’s outputs.

It is also possible to view and export the JSON file of the analysis.

Showcase lets you experience the power of our decision-making tools in just a few seconds, with no coding or configuration required!

Are you ready? 👉 https://showcase.algoan.com/

💡We recommend testing Showcase on desktop for the best experience.

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